To help our Scientific and Industrial
customers find and choose the best
products to achieve the right results.


To remain an employee owned organisation answerable to itself so that we are free to choose how to deliver our products & services enabling our employees to work, thrive and grow whilst respecting each other and improving the environment.


Listen to and improve our customers experience, utilise the power of teamwork, learn from our mistakes, use current information to aid better decision making, support each other to be productive, strive for a better work life balance, be creative and embrace change, reward individuals and share our profits


Self managed teams who by working together know what they need to do and how best to do it. By communicating well and improving we will adapt and thrive.

At Camlab we understand the importance of personal contact. As well as providing you with an easy to use website our experienced and dedicated Customer Sales team is also available to help should you not find what you need online – no time-wasting call queues or being endlessly put through to another department. Experience the difference.

To speak to customer service please call 01954 233110
or email sales@camlab.co.uk