At Camlab it's the people that make the difference



At Camlab it’s the people that make the difference. The founder of Camlab, Robert Hirsch recognised this and set up the Hirsch Trust, founded in 1979. All current staff are shareholders and beneficiaries having a stake in the reputation and future success of the company.

At Camlab we offer a high level of technical expertise and experience to our customers and we are proud of our core values of Choice, Service and Trust. Our UK warehouse in Over, Cambridgeshire has over 10,000 stock items and houses our UK and Export customer service teams, Accounts and Marketing departments along with our team of service Engineers.

Our work environment is professional but relaxed, we all take pride in working together, looking after our environment and treating our customers, suppliers and each other fairly and honestly.

Whilst we all strive to perform at our best, we are also mindful of taking care of each other. We use app based well-being monitoring as well as having an open door policy for all staff, alongside regular formal and informal communication meetings.  We know that a happy, motivated team ensures happy customers.

Being an employee at Camlab means you are a stakeholder in the company and can both benefit from the financial success and have a say in how we operate influencing the work-life balance. Whilst we operate like any other company with a management team, we expect employees to be self-managed and operate in cross functional teams, ask anyone at Camlab and they’ll tell you how different it is to be able to influence the direction of the company.

What is company culture like at Camlab? 

  • A culture that is built on trust
  • Open and positive communication between all
  • An expectation that everyone will perform to the best of their ability
  • A team spirit which creates a fun working environment
  • Credit, recognition and appreciation given
  • Shared working practices
  • Opportunities for increased responsibility
  • An approachable and open senior management team
  • A positive working environment
  • Evaluations and opportunities for development
  • Rewards for all​

At Camlab we understand the importance of personal contact. As well as providing you with an easy to use website our experienced and dedicated Customer Sales team is also available to help should you not find what you need online. No time-wasting call queues or being endlessly put through to another department. Experience the difference.

To speak to customer service please call 01954 233110
or email