Camlab are employee owned


Camlab are employee owned. As an employee owned organisation all our employees have a significant and meaningful stake in the business. And we all know the success of Camlab is tied directly to the success of our employees and customers. 

This means that our employees have both a financial stake in the business via shares through a companywide tax free Profit Share, Share Incentive Plans (SIPs), of which any dividends received are paid tax free. Whilst Camlab distribute profits they also expect employees to have a say in how Camlab is run, setting the culture of the organisation without management hierarchy. Which is why they go the extra mile and take great care of ‘their’ customers.

At Camlab we understand the importance of personal contact. As well as providing you with an easy to use website our experienced and dedicated Customer Sales team is also available to help should you not find what you need online. No time-wasting call queues or being endlessly put through to another department. Experience the difference.

To speak to customer service please call 01954 233110
or email